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You probably have seen and heard about such drug as Kamagra, if you came to this website. Kamagra same as viagra - a drug based on sildenafil citrate. Kamagra is the name of one of the most popular generics Viagra, so it costs much cheaper. The standard dosage is 100 mg Starts to work kamagra (according to the manufacturer) faster than Viagra. For reviews of buyers the effect of kamagra starts, jerks 40-45 minutes, while viagra is effective only in 60 minutes. What caused this is unknown, because the drugs composition identical to, and most likely it is either self-hypnosis or increased dose. But the duration of action of drugs is the same - from 4 to 6 hours. All side effects are exactly the same. But Kamagra has a two huge advantages:

  • 1 . Price

Kamagra is about 4 cheaper viagra. For example, the packaging 60 tablets kamagra 100 mg costs about $128, and a similar pack of viagra worth $569. I have already explained why, kamagra is generic, which means the same drug with the same properties, but without the huge cost of its invention and promotion.

  • 2. Kamagra for sale without a prescription

And this is another huge plus, you can always buy kamagra online pharmacy without prescription from a doctor. Buy viagra (not generic) you can't do that.

Below you can see how looks the tablet and packaging kamagra

tablet of kamagrapacking of kamagra

In the end, we learned that the generic is a copy of the drug, totally copied from the branded drug (except the name), kamagra is the most common and popular generic Viagra. And if you are afraid to try generic, then try to buy and try Kamagra, it has long proven high quality drug for treating erectile dysfunction.